A few of the advantages of full color LED display LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
LED display has natural advantages, its downstream customers mainly for cultural media, sports and education, and other areas of the high quality, so compared to other electronic LED display enterprise in these areas are more familiar with LED display several big advantage, security: LED display USES is the low voltage dc power supply voltage, so use very safe. Regardless of the elderly, children are safe to use and won't cause potential safety hazard. Second, long service life: the normal service life of led display is 8 ~ 100000 hours, 24 hours a day's work, its life is about the same in recent 10 years. Therefore, the life of the led display is one of the traditional several times. This is the general display can not reach and through customer use proven himself, the service life of the led display in 50000 hours, the ideal can achieve 10 years. Three, super energy-saving: compared with traditional lamps and lanterns of lighting and decoration, low power for several times, and the effect is much better. Now led display manufacturers because the technology promotion, greatly increased energy consumption on driver chip design wiring, use high brightness leds encapsulation, constant current technology, such as low pressure makes four obvious effects of saving energy and reducing consumption, easy installation: led display installation is very simple, with clamp, trough, iron wire, iron wire mesh, etc. Can be installed in a variety of supporting surface. In addition, due to the LED display light, thin, therefore, used double-sided adhesive also can realize the function of fixed. Without professional installation, can really enjoy DIY decoration. Now led display manufacturer is in the continuous innovation, ultrathin led display design has been turned to light, die-casting aluminum enclosure, development advantages, such as small volume, light weight, quick and easy installation. Five, the pure color: USES high brightness LED display patches, so the advantages of LED components, pure light color, soft, no glare. Both can be used as decorative purposes, and can do it and lighting purposes. Six, environmental protection, LED display of material, material is to use environmental protection material, belongs to the type can be recycled, not because of the extensive use of environmental pollution and destruction.
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