A common technical problems - LED display LED display - knowledge

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-24
1, what is the LED display controller, LED display controller is also called LED asynchronous control system or LED display control card, is the core component of LED graphic display. Is responsible for receiving a picture display information from the computer serial port, placing frame memory, according to the partition method of generating the serial display data needed for the LED display and scanning sequence control. 2, the controller can realize controlled group of screen? Control card with Ethernet ( Local area network (LAN) Network interface, can be convenient. Through the LAN in the computer to control the connected to the display screen, suitable for group of screen connected to release information. 3, the controller can off-line animation and video? This controller can directly accept various video formats of files, software automatic processing to adapt to the size of the display screen and don't need to cut into a bitmap, directly to MPEG4, AVI, FLV, BMP format sent to the control card and so on. 4, LED display need to grayscale display pictures? The images on the computer is full color, want to real reduction effect, only the LED full color can do it. In single color LED screen can only display design, double color screen display pictures more like a black and white photos ( Must also have a grey scale) 。 So-called gray level images ability refers to the LED performance indicators, no gray can only display text and pattern. 5, embedded real-time + offline combined controller is how to control the display? Embedded real-time + offline display, is mainly composed of DVI send controller or 1000 MB card, CPU, memory ( SD card) Four parts, scanning display driver. After power on, the system initialization, the CPU from memory ( SD card) Into the user out of the display of the content, to the LED display can show the contents of the user to edit. ( User to edit good content is through the LAN communications into the controller) 。 When the CPU detects a real-time information, automatically switching data channels, make to the real-time display. Real-time display screen is the highest priority. 6 + offline dual function of the controller, embedded real-time audio processing problem in the offline state, the controller has a built-in audio processor, can be offline playback of audio. But in real time audio is through the DVI send controller ( Or 1000 MB card) Of real time audio collection, through the 1000 m Ethernet cable to send to the controller, through audio playback to broadcast on the same chip. So the controller's audio can be real-time, offline arbitrary switching. 7, real-time + offline combined controller for what occasion real-time + offline combined controller, adapt to many occasions. And don't have to open a computer can use screen. LED display completely put aside the concept of asynchronous synchronization, is a revolution in display applications. Shall not apply to the workplace: television screen, large screen
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