1100 ㎡ super heterotypic LED awning in trill fire 'in the original this is the merchant's' golden 'artifact

by:Xinyao LCD     2020-04-12
Trill, one can take a short video of music creative short video social software, loved by people of all ages, online within two years, have a lot of the birth of web celebrity. Not, LED display screen is not far behind, on the media, with its own unique charm by tens of thousands of netizens in hot search topic, become a new jin trill 'web celebrity. ' New 'web celebrity' attention 'eyes' but also 'gold' the trill on blasting red LED display industry 'web celebrity', is one of the henan zhengzhou zhengdong new district street 1100 ㎡ super LED abnormity awning screen. This a huge LED awning from started in May this year, every day start time at 7 PM to 10 PM, roll play with all kinds of animation, there is no lack of among them include 'big fish haitang', 'kung fu panda' and other well-known film, not only have a glasses-free 3 d look and feel, stereo sense is strong, and it is large-format rivers, place oneself among them, just like travel in the Milky Way, instant and become many netizens clock, known as zhengzhou web celebrity awning. Bring web celebrity awning kung fu panda movie in recent years, each big industry escalating, increasing pressure of competition between peers, customers in order to attract customers, bring marketing profit maximization, each big enterprise is painstakingly, and LED awning become their 'eyes' of the first choice. It is understood that in LED awning before operation, zhengzhou this shopping street, traffic is very scarce, the awning screen after installation, now the scene, men, women and children gathered themselves together, and meet with holidays and weekends are so crowded, not only store traffic was straight up, at the same time, the business of restaurants around the leap up is red, the LED awning screen instantly become a commercial weapon with which to 'gold'! LED awning screen is domestic in recent years the rise of new display products, with large area and shapes into the line of sight of people, its wide application field, which is equipped with large urban commercial complex. Generally applicable to high-grade star hotel lobby, large shopping mall, commercial pedestrian street, the city center square, large stage on the top of the large buildings such as smallpox. Zhengzhou web celebrity awning is just the tip of the iceberg of the all case, more area is the largest city of zhuhai huafa shopping LED awning, length of the longest suzhou harmony times square LED awning, minimum spacing of xi 'an Qin Hantang square LED awning, most expensive Beijing wto-day order LED awning. Personality culture building city new landmark in the field of LED was able to get the big awning screen, leave it brings unique visual charm. Indoors, hoisting large LED awning screen at the top of a smallpox just like a colorful silks and satins, bright deep sky, the night, the imposing manner, dazzle colour profusion of awning frame, make shopping trip more romantic, dream, myspace date. At the same time, the awning interactivity is strong, strong visual impact, acoustics circle around comparable cinema effect, can make a very good fashion atmosphere, reveal personality culture application places. Outdoors, high-definition bright display effect brought shock feeling for the local population, and cooperate with the new article LED lights, lamp, projection, such as lighting, lighting, rendering effect, become a new landmark city. Bring about zhuhai huafa shopping city LED awning in order to better display effect, there are LED display screen manufacturers created a unique new type of transparent LED awning screen, can be realized on the awning installation appear a LED display, this kind of awning lighter and more transparent, more magic! During the day the translucent screen can present visual effects, good daylighting is considerable to see the blue sky white clouds; Night, can play in the bright sky beautiful video, with wonderful sound effects, give people the ground-breaking visual feast. Complex project technical requirements of rigid influence is big, but compared with the ordinary LED display project, whether in the use of materials, structural mode, or control in such aspects as performance, construction maintenance has a very high requirements. First, in terms of the product itself, the LED awning screen must clear thin transparent, because the LED awning screen project area are generally very large, and adopt the way of lifting for installation, its own weight to be reckoned with. , therefore, should as far as possible when using an awning LED display to reduce its weight in order to reduce the burden of supporting structure, adopt 'fully' the design wind load reduction. At the same time, the awning LED display their beautiful sex should be pay attention to, the appearance of the thin design can let its in the implementation of the awning. In addition, it is convenient for using mass product design standard, the more advanced, the huge things last operation more easily, and to standardize an awning LED display cabinet design, can make the original LED display, power, control, unit structure integration, easy to aging, the debugging, the transportation and installation. Economically speaking, the LED awning screen has become the major merchants 'eyes' of the artifact, but we all know, for traffic transfer is industry, 'eyes' is 'gold', can bring more business profits to retailers. With comprehensive market demand growth, the social economy and science and technology level unceasing enhancement, the LED awning screen is ubiquitous, believe in the future will bring people more shocked, bright display effect.
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